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Yellow Bananas - Fruit Painting in Acrylic - Downloadable Pattern by Mabel Blanco

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A still life painting of delicious ripe yellow bananas by Artist Mabel Blanco.  Lesson includes written directions, supply list, line drawing and photos.

Supply List:

Canvas or other surface of 30 cm x 40 cm

(Enlarge or reduce the line drawing as necessary or desired)


DecoArt Traditions Artist Grade Acrylic

(DAT 52) Hansa Yellow 

(DAT 15) Hansa Yellow Light  

(DAT 35) Titanium White 

(DAT 42) Carbon Black 

(DAT 18) Chrome Green Hue 

(DAT 45) Raw Umber 

(DAT 46) Burnt Umber 

(DAT 26) Ultramarine Blue