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Wild Little Roses by Mabel Blanco - Downloadable Acrylic Pattern Packet

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 Artist Mabel from  Argentina teaches her beautiful Little Wild Roses using a wet on wet acrylic paining technique.  This downloadable Pattern has 8 pages and includes, line drawing, instruction and photos.

Supply List :


All standard miscellaneous supplies including:


Water container.

Tracing paper

Transfer paper


Stylus or ball point pen.

 Canvas or other surface of 30 cm x 40 cm -(Enlarge or Reduce the line drawing as desired)

 Deco Art Traditions Acrylics:

 (DAT) 29 Aquamarine (A)

(DAT) 44 Burnt Sienna (BS)

(DAT) 46 Burnt Umber (BU)

(DAT) 14 Hansa Yellow (HY)

(DAT) 02 Naphthol Red (NR)

(DAT) 51 Permanent Alizarin Crimson (PAC)

(DAT) 19 Pine Green (PG)

(DAT) 35 Titanium White (TW)

(DAT) 12 Yellow Oxide (YO)


DecoArt Traditions Mediums:

 Extender & Blending Medium – optional

Satin Varnish

Brushes Royal Aqualon or equivalent:

2700 Shader 1” for base coating

2150 Shader #10  and  #8

2250 Round #3  and  #1