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Where to Start


I want to paint!!! I’m anxious to get started . . . where do I begin?

If you're a true beginner painter and ready to try out an online painting class here are a few suggestions to get you started. These classes have been created with YOU in mind, no prior skill required! You can get started right away!


Wild Roses was created just for the beginner who has never painted before!

Gaby will hold your hand every step of the way! Play with color, learn simple mixing and just have loads of fun! 

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Parrot Tulip is for the new painter with no prior painting experience...

Paint along with Neadeen as she walks you through step by step...

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Cave Art - This class is fun and very creative! You get to play with paint,

use your fingers, sticks and blow through a straw just like cave men did thousands of years ago!

 Perfect for the beginner with no previous painting experience!

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If you are really serious about learning to paint and wish to begin your journey with a strong foundation...

this class will help you set off on the right foot!

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Tools and Equipment - Another important class for those just starting out...learn about artist's tools of the trade...

This short class is very useful and will take the guesswork out of many art supplies!

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Mixed Media  - Learn to create a customized mixed media painting you can personalize for a loved one. This class uses texture, personal mementoes, keepsakes and words to make unique one of a kind artworks.   This is a fun class where everyone can jump in and create something special.

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