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Watercolor Application - E-Painting Pattern - Sunkissed Apples by Artist Neadeen Masters

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             How to Paint Watercolors?

                 Watercolor Painting Pattern



                                                                    Watercolor Tips

Watercolor Application - E-Painting Pattern - Sunkissed Apples by Artist Neadeen Masters - This watercolor painting pattern was created to teach simple watercolor painting techniques. 24 pages of written step by step instructions and 26 step photographs will help the artist learn to create many different surface textures, including painting realistic leaves. Artist Neadeen Masters demonstrates with Traditions artist acrylic pure pigments, showing the student how to use an acrylic as a watercolor media.


                                                     Watercolor Tips

Techniques of the Lesson

‘Tufting’ – this is a techniques used to create a textured surface, like a quilted effect on a surface.

• ‘Under-wash’ – this is a wash that is applied to create a ‘glow’ that will show through and affect the colours that are layered on top. It is under everything else.

Preserve the white space – this means that you will avoid certain areas, leaving them without paint.

Wet in wet – This technique is used for creating special effect. When the artists wishes to avoid hard edges, the paint is deposited onto a surface which is also wet, usually it has been pre moistened with water or another color. The paint will disperse in an unpredictable pattern.

Wet in dry – This technique is used for a more controlled effect. The paint is applied to a specific area; the artist directs the placement of paint with the tip of the brush.

Wash – A wash is a uniform application of transparent paint over a specific area. There are several types of washes, some show value or color change where the color can change from light to dark showing gradation or show a variegation of color if two or more colors are used.

Casual wash – This is a wash applied in a casual or slip slap manner.

Flat wash – This is an evenly distributed wash applied to a controlled area, showing little or no value change.

Soft edge – Color is deposited to an area, a damp brush is used to remove the hard edge and create a damp area where the paint can gradually fade away.

Charging color – paint is deposited to an area and forced to charge into another wet area.


Palette: DecoArt Traditions Artist’s Acrylic

Burnt Sienna – PBr 7

Burnt Umber - PBr 7

Dioxazine Purple – PV 23

Hansa Yellow – PY 74

Naphthol Red – PR 170

Naphthol Red Light – PR 9

Pine Green

Prussian Blue Hue

Quinacridone Gold - PO 48

Red Violet – PV 19

Yellow Deep



Traditions Watercolor Medium


            Watercolor Tips - Using a stylus to trace your design






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    Great Lesson

    Posted by Joan on 12th Jan 2013

    I enjoy all of Neadeen's patterns and classes. Learned a lot in this pattern. It is easy to follow and very well written.