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Red Flowers in a Transparent Glass Vase - Downloadable Pattern & Instructions - Acrylic - Mabel Blanco

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This is a downloadable acrylic painting pattern of dramatic Red Flowers in a transparent glass vase by artist Mabel Blanco.   Rub on transfers or stencils available at craft supply stores are used for the bees and butterfies and also for the stamp in the lower left section of the canvas.  



Palette Tradition de Deco Art acrylics:

(DAT 51) permanent alizarin crimson (PAC)

(DAT 42) carbon black (CB)

(DAT 02) naphthol red (NR)

(DAT 14) Hansa Yellow (HY)

(DAT 55) Cobalt Blue Hue(CBH) (

DAT 29) Aquamarine (A)

(DAT 18) Chrome Green (CG)

(DAT 45) Raw Umber  (RU)

(DAT 08) Perinone Orange(PO)

(DAT 33) Quinacridone Violet (QV)

(DAT 35) Titanium White (TW)