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ONLINE CLASS - Tools & Equipment for Beginning Artists with Artist Connie Clark

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Learn about the Essential Art Materials for the Beginning Artist.

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Essientials For The Beginning Artist


Online Art Class

Artists Tools : Essentials for the beginning artist...
Have you ever wondered about art supplies and artists tools? It can be overwhelming for the new painter. What do I need, what brush, what paint etc...
This is an excellent foundation class for the new artist. Instructor Connie Clark has developed this online class to explain and teach all artists about the basic tools and equipment used in the everyday process of painting.
Remove the guess work out of tools and equipment and gain a better understanding of the basics.
What supplies do you need for painting?
Connie's instructions and in-depth video demonstrations include, types of palettes and their setup, water basins, brush care and cleaning methods used for acrylic painting, tools used for prepping a surface, easels as well as tips for setting up the artists work space and station. 
Connie also explains the basic brushes so the beginner artist will gain a good understanding of what brush might work best for each media and technique they may be using. This is a great class for the beginner painter who wants to learn the correct way right from the beginning.
Student support - streaming video, text lessons, demonstrations, forum discussions, teacher support and feedback.
***This is an excellent way to Learn about the Essential Painting Supplies that every Beginning Artist should understand. Do it the right way, start out with a good understanding of your new hobby!


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