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Online Painting Class - Mixed Media - Ishtar Lion - Acrylic by Susan Abdella, MDA

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This lion design can easily be enlarged to fit on any size canvas surface. Enlarge for a fun piece of Canvas wall art

Discover Mixed Media Painting Techniques!

For Beginners and Beyond 



For the Beginner and Beyond 

This is a fun, dimensional painting!





If you have ever wondered about trying your hand at mixed media, this is a really cool canvas project that can be enlarged to fit into any space in your home. Make it small, make it BIG...your choice! You will learn a few fun mixed media painting techniques you can use over and over again on other projects. The idea for this project was taken from an ancient work of art, 'Lion from the Ishtar Gate' featured in the photographs above.

Originally made from glazed ceramic tile, we decided to replicate this ancient artwork using modern art materials and painting techniques. 



 Learn to use heavy textural mediums and

colorful glazing techniques


How is This Done?

This mixed media painting starts out with a standard stretched canvas surface. This is prepared with a texture medium to create the first stage of this mixed media art piece. Artist and teacher Susan Abdella, demonstrates the technique for making the illusion of the ceramic tile background treatment.

Students watch class videos and follow along with the step by step lessons on both video and written format. This way you can work at your own pace and re-wind the videos as often as possible.


Each stage is demonstrated and explained in an easy to understand manner. The pace of the class is determined by you, as you can work through the project at one sitting or take your time over a few weeksYou will learn how to mix the colors and apply them in layers over the faux tiles. This is a perfect class for the new or beginner painter as each step is explained.




No prior painting skill required,

Great Project For kids too!


  • You will learn new mixed media painting techniques with acrylics.
  • Learn to emulate the un-glazed ceramic tiles of ancient times.
  • This FUN lesson shows a contemporary version of the mixed media process using modern paint and materials.
  • It's very fun, very easy and interactive and you can transfer these skills to other mixed media painting projects.
  • Learn to explore an authentic ancient painting using modern day pigments and mediums.
  • No prior painting skills or experience is required.

As an added bonus feature to this class, we have also included a little art history!

Learn a little about the artist’s palette and explore the color palettes of some of the greatest Old Masters like Rembrandt, Titian, Van Eyke, Goya, and Vermeer.

Learn how the Old Masters viewed and used color, incorporate their color philosophies into your own modern day color choices as you learn more about art and painting in general. Learn how to look at modern day pigments and make creative decisions when selecting the available pigments today. This will save you lots of mistakes and stretch your painting budget as you begin to build your own paint collections. 



Objectives of the History Aspect Of This Class

The artist’s palette has become synonymous with the artist himself. We often read about an artist’s style, their signature, their unique brushwork, and their chosen painting subjects. But equally important is to learn about their choice of color palette.
  • Learn why they selected these pigments relative to their painting techniques.
  • Learn who used them and what type of art was created as a result.
  • Learn what some of the pigments on the Old Masters palettes were.
There are several classroom forums where students can upload photographs of their work for the instructor feedback. If you need help we are only a mouse click away.

*Acrylic Self paced for self study - Students have unlimited access to class materials... no time limit restrictions.

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