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Online Painting Class - How to Paint Calla Lily Flowers - Acrylic - with Artist Sue Pruett MDA

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Online Painting Class - How to Paint Calla Lily Flowers - Acrylic - with  Artist Sue Pruett MDA

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           Learn How to Paint Calla Lilies


Online Painting Class

Media - Acrylic

Calla Lilies are sophisticated and elegant flowers. They are simple flowers that catch our attention for their graceful lines. If painting flowers is a subject you wish to try, and you want to learn how to paint calla lilies, then you can start with this elegant composition. 

This contemporary design is an elegant canvas painting for home decor. This 12"x36" gallery canvas is the perfect support for this elegant flower and will fit into any room's decor or colors.                           


                              Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn how to create three dimension - Art teacher Sue Pruett has designed this class so the student can reinforce their blending skills. The class materials cover 'wet in wet' blending and a first stage grisaille (grey scale) underpainting is the first of the many valuable exercises included in this class. The grisaille underpainting helps the student recognize the form of the flower and paint a more three dimensional painting. It sounds a lot more complex than it really is, but once you see how the teacher demonstrates these steps, you will be thrilled with what you learn. 
  2. Learn painting techniques that will help the student focus on value - (light to dark)
  3. Learn to use a refined blending style.

                                      Student and Classroom Support

Streaming videos, text lessons, Instructor feedback, and individual student critiques.

  1. Videos - There are step by step videos presented in the classroom. Students can watch the videos as often as they need, the classroom is open 24/7.
  2. Students have the best seat in the house as you can watch every step of the painting process as the painting progresses through each stage.
  3. Text lessons with step photographs are available for easy download. Students use these written painting lessons to follow along with the class videos.
  4. Classroom Forums - There are many forums in the classroom. Students are encouraged to upload photographs of their paintings at any stage and ask for the teacher's feedback or critiques.
  5. Teacher feedback is unlimited and the teacher never leaves you alone. She is there to guide you along the painting process as you need.

*Acrylic Self paced for self study - Students have unlimited access to class materials... no time limit restrictions.


              Many acrylic painting techniques to be learned


  • Wet in wet blending with acrylics
  • Refined blending technique
  • Learn how to paint a grisaille underpainting
  • Learn to apply value for creating dimension and form
  • Learn to paint a mottled background for interest and atmosphere
  • Learn how to use tints and accents to unify your painting.


If you would still like to know more about this class, feel free to contact the instructor directly - email Sue Pruett - suepruett@artapprenticeonline.com

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  • 5
    Very detailed and clear instructions

    Posted by Margo M. on 15th Feb 2015

    I just watched all of the 12 (!) videos, and went through all text materials (with a lot of pages and photos), and I am so stunned! Sue is such a hard-worker! So far she is my absolutely favorite teacher in this school! (of course, considering I am still new to the school and do not know every teacher). I just love her personality, her artistic manner of presenting material, her approach to painting every single piece! Definitely, a very talented person can teach and inspire anyone. Her advices are very helpful and useful. Every time I buy her class, I have no doubts about the quality of the material. I have not painted the lilies yet, but just by watching the material, I am very impressed. It will be very easy to follow, the instructions are very clear! Thank you, Sue, for creating this class, and for making so many efforts for us to succeed. Calla lilies are some of my favorite flowers.

  • 5
    Great Class, Great Class

    Posted by JOY on 25th Mar 2013

    I learned so much in this class i.e. shading, blending and brush mixing. I have never painted a picture on my own but now have the courage to try, thanks to Sue and her teaching technique. She is very articulate and makes you want to continue even after the class is over.

    Thank you Sue for this class.

  • 5
    Best Blending

    Posted by Sharon Wolf on 20th Mar 2011

    I was so pleased to do this class and my blending is so much better now. Very easy to follow Sue and I will definitely use the techniques for other flowers too...

  • 5
    I needed this class!

    Posted by USA on 2nd Jan 2011

    Doing my CDA boards and struggling with Blending. This gave me the extra confidence and I am much better at blending. Sue is a very patient teacher. I enjoyed this class.

  • 5
    Simple elegant way to learn!

    Posted by Doris Woodruff on 7th Dec 2010

    I was amazed at the quality of the course and simple easy instructions. Learning via video one can see so much more clearly what a teacher is doing and can follow along! Anyone could do this class the way it is presented!

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