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ONLINE CLASS - Discover Paint, Pigments, Mediums and Color Relationships - For Beginners

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ONLINE CLASS - Discover Paint, Pigments, Mediums and Color Relationships - For Beginners

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Excellent Value

      Not Available Anywhere Else On the Internet

  • Unlimited access to teacher support and feedback for the duration of the class.
  • Step by step video demonstrations of the painting techniques and information.
  • Step by step written lessons to follow along with the videos. (easy to download and print)
  • Step by step photographs.
  • Students have unlimited access to the class materials.  This course does not have a time restriction. 
  • Unlimited classroom access 24/7 for the duration of the class.

      For The Beginning Artist & Beyond!

NOTE: The Information contained in this class will get you thinking about color and your art materials in a different manner. This is fundamental information that every artist should know and understand. 

When learning to paint with acrylics, especially for the beginning artist, it's always an excellent way to start your artistic journey by learning how to use your paints and mediums correctly. Having a good understanding of the materials artists work with gives the new artist the confidence to make sound decisions regarding the purchasing of painting materials and for selecting mixing colors.

Many artists skip over this step and often find themselves overwhelmed by the choices available for painting supplies, as well as their lack of knowledge about the properties of paints confusing. The benefits to learning this material will help the artist in many ways...with a good understanding of the color wheel and the pigment wheel, the fear of mixing color can be removed and simplified. 

This online art class introduces the Beginning Artist to the workings of acrylic paint and the artists pigments they are made with. Knowledge is power, most especially when it comes to color and painting! This is an introductory level class for the artist who wants to build a strong foundation of knowledge regarding painting materials.

                        Class Presentation

Once enrolled in the class, students gain access to the online classroom on our website. Here you will find all the class materials such as the supply list, class videos, lessons and other support materials. As you watch the videos, the teacher helps you prepare for the class, discusses the supplies and begins the creative process. Students follow along with the videos and use the printed text lessons as an extra support for the class. At anytime you can ask for help via email or by asking questions or uploading a photograph of your painting into the class forums. Your teacher is always ready to offer suggestions and give feedback to help you understand the course materials.

This online course is on-going, students may register at any time and work through this self directed short course at their own pace. The course materials in this program are extensive and are dedicated to painting with acrylic paints and mediums and getting the new artist off to a good start by building a strong foundation.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learn the basic language of paint and color.
  • Discover an innovative approach to selecting color pigments and artist's mediums.
  • Learn how artist's acrylic mediums are used for different finishes and effects.
  • Learn how to select or choose colors based on their working properties. 
  • Learn why certain pigments are used over others, and how this will make your painting techniques more effective and successful.
  • Learn logical strategies for choosing and mixing,pigments and colors. All artist need to build a foundation for efficient color mixing. This class will give you this foundation and more.
  • Discover what a 'color scheme' is and how artists use color schemes to create successful and harmonious paintings.
  • Learn to use color tools such as the color wheel and the pigment wheel that will help the artist visualize and understand the three dimensions of color.



         Discover How Color Schemes are Used 

                  Empower Your Color Sense!

When learning to paint, creating color harmonies, and selecting colors that 'go together' are often huge challenges for the beginning artist. Learning about color schemes and how they are used in painting will help you see colors that are pleasing to the eye. This results in successful paintings and as well gives you the ability to use this color knowledge in your everyday life. It can be used in everything from decorating a room to making an attractive salad or to choosing your makeup and personal fashions. 


    Acrylic Painting Techniques and Paint Properties

When we can learn to paint with acrylics online, it is a huge benefit for the new painter, or even the intermediate painter to wants to fill in the blanks. Gaining real access to this type of material in a live classroom, is often difficult as many art teachers are strapped for time and place the emphasis on painting rather than an overview of 'how and why' we choose to use certain paints over others. 

The successful application of certain painting techniques, such as transparent glazing depends on the type of paint used and the properties of the pigments in the paints. Some pigments are opaque and others transparent or semi-transparent. If the technique does not match the type of paint, finding success will not be easy and will only lead to frustration. Armed with this knowledge, artists are able to make good choices and render successful painting effects. In this class, you will learn the differences between these properties and how they will impact layering effects.

        Learn Simple Methods for Mixing Color


              Mixing with the Pigment Wheel

Once the student artist is armed with knowledge to use the pigment wheel and the color wheel, they are able to mix color with greater confidence. Mixing color can present scary challenges for the new painter, and often lead to unnecessary frustrations as countless piles of muddy colors are created and wasted. Using the pigment wheel will open the doors to simple and straight forward mixing techniques.

This class includes several quizzes and mixing exercises to help you measure your understanding of the class materials. These are fun quizzes that students can use to test themselves. It's a good way to know you are on track with the class materials.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in taking our 'Core Painting Program for Beginning Artists' this class is a great pre-requisite and will give you a leg-up relative to understanding acrylic paints, artists mediums and basic color mixing skills.
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  • 5
    Sound Fundamentals

    Posted by Laxmi Narayan on 10th Oct 2013

    Although I have yet to begin my Course earnestly, a brief overview makes me feel that this study will provide a strong basis for all my creative ventures !

  • 5
    Very Imformative

    Posted by Janice Crawford on 5th Oct 2013

    I didn't expect to gain so much information on pigments,mediums.color etc.

  • 5
    Amazing Class - I loved it

    Posted by Toronto, Canada on 6th May 2013

    this is the best class I have taken in a long time. Packed with lessons and so many videos. This has opened the pathway to my understanding of color,color mixing and pigments. I didn't know there was so much to learn.
    Thank you AAO.

  • 5
    Excellent! Excellent!

    Posted by Janet from New Mexico, United States on 13th Feb 2013

    This class was the best investment of my time and $$$. I learned things I never understood about paint and mediums. I wish I could have found a class like this many years ago. Very excellent presentation and outstanding materials.
    ten stars!

  • 4

    Posted by Connie Jackson on 9th Jul 2012

    This course has been great for learning basic of color wheel and mediums. It has been very helpful.

  • 5
    So much info

    Posted by from USA on 2nd Jan 2011

    This class was a real eye opener for me. 6 stars!!!!!

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