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Online Class - The Chestnut Pony - Acrylic - by Artist Glenice Moore

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This excellent online class is an introduction to painting a beautiful horse portrait with Artist Glenice Moore 

The lesson focuses on the basics of capturing the muscle structure and getting the various shapes correct so that the painting will look like a real horse.

Glenice teaches brush mixing and shows her painting techniques every step of the way.  

The class includes streaming videos for the entire painting process, a written supply list, line drawing of the pattern, a large reference  photo of the finished painting and also printable step by step reference photos.  The video content is viewed over the internet while signed into the class and all the other materials can be printed off.


SURFACE: I used a 12 x 16 Black canvas. You may use the size and surface of your choice.
I recommend that you choose a smooth surface as you will get better detail.

Carbon Black
Yellow Deep
Naples Yellow (Liquitex)
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber
Warm White
Opaque White
Light Grey
Yellow Oxide
English Red Oxide
Brilliant Orange (Mix of Dairylide Yellow + Perinone Orange + White)
Traditions Extender Medium
Americana Black Acrylic -YOU only need this if you ARE PAINTING ON A

BRUSHES: DYNASTY BLACK GOLD 206 SERIES or other similar brushes of your choice.
3/4 Inch Flat Wash
4, 8 and 12 Shader’s
4, 8 and 12 Waves
4 and/or 6 Round
Glenice Shadow Dancer (double ended blender) This specialty brush is avail in the store here at Art Apprentice Online.