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ONLINE CLASS - Let Your Creativity Emerge - Acrylic Mixed Media with Barbara Cassidy

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ONLINE CLASS - Let Your Creativity Emerge - Acrylic Mixed Media with Barbara Cassidy


Online Painting Class                   

Let Your Creativity 'Emerge'


Mixed Media Composition

It's fun and easy to jump right in, whether you're an experienced artist looking for something new or a beginner wanting to get started! Texture painting and mixed media will help you think outside the box. This isn't hype, this is a fact, Barbara will hold your hand, stimulate your ideas and push you in the right direction...


Online Class - Mixed Media and Texture Composition
with Artist Barbara Cassidy            

Why do we have an urge to touch a painting? Is it because our sense of touch translates to our sense of pleasure? Perhaps this is the most true for artists and creative individuals like all of us.

Mixed media simply means we use more than one material to create our artwork. Usually we create paintings with one media type like watercolour, oils, acrylic, pencil, etc...Not so with mixed media...the skies the limit!

Mixed Media can include a multitude of different and unique materials. Paint, paper, cloth, imagery, and mediums to name just a few. It can even include 'found' objects and lettering as these can be used in the application to make it more personal. These are all used to create a variety of different textures that speak directly to our sense of touch and visual appeal.


Barbara says, "This style of artwork can be

very creative and is very enjoyable!!"


Learning Outcome

  1. Learn how to create a customized mixed media painting that YOU can personalize for a special loved one in your family. 
  2. This class uses acrylic paint, texture, personal mementoes, keepsakes and words to make this a unique, one of a kind artwork. 
  3. Barbara shares her creative ideas and thought processes as she demonstrates how to use positive and negative applications as well as how to use color to create this unique abstract art form.
  4. Over 12 painting videos and lessons demonstrate the process in detail.
  5. Teacher feedback and help: There are several classroom forums where students can upload photographs of their work for instructor feedback and suggestions. This is very helpful to the student. At no time are you left alone.  
  6. Students have unlimited access to this classroom. Your time never runs out so you can come back time and time again to watch videos and make new creations.
  7. Work at your own pace from the comfort of your home!


Barbara helps you develop your ideas, colors and composition to bring your story to a finished painting!

  • Below are some of the mixed media examples that Barbara shares with you.
  • Watch and learn as she explains the process and her ideas as she created each of these unique textural mixed media paintings!
  • Learn as she explains the mixed media painting applications and painting techniques that makes each painting an original.
  • Students will draw from her inspiration to create many other similar paintings.
  • Barbara holds nothing back, she shares many tips and tricks to make this interesting process fun! 


                                 barbemergesample.jpg  -cid-bcb0308e-9c26-495c-9180-641ccc39a346-home.jpg

Watch and learn from the best seat in the house!!

One of the greatest benefits to taking an online class like this, is having the ability to hit the rewind button. If you need to re-watch a particular painting technique more than once, you can do so with a click. This also gives you lots of time to practice and digest the information at your own pace. Watching the videos from the best seat in the house gives you an over the shoulder view of the whole painting process from start to finish...

Watch and learn as Barbara explains every step, as you can see from the graphic below, your vantage point couldn`t be any better as you paint along with every stage of the painting application. Here Barbara demonstrates one of the texture applications.18-11-2012-12-51-22-am.jpg

                            Learn how to use transparent colored glazes

                      to create depth and dimension



 Learning Outcomes: 
  • Discover how to get started, what to look for and how to describe your ideas with color and texture!
  • Learn how to paint your mixed media piece after the style of 'EMERGE' from your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Learn how to create your own composition for success
  • Learn how to use different painting techniques for developing  these mixed media textural compositions
  • Excellent Value - The high video content and written lessons make this course excellent value, especially when you consider the amount of material that is shared with you. The vast array of ideas and painting techniques and paint applications will arm you with the best 'know how' to challenge many other types of mixed media paintings on your own. These skills are invaluable and can be applied to many mixed media and altered art projects.
  • All Skill Levels Are Welcome - This class has been designed for the beginner and all skill levels of painter.  In a class like this you will meet many painters who are at various stages of their artistic journey. Everyone supports each other and is very helpful and friendly.


 copyright Barbara Cassidy 2012 - all rights reserved

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