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ONLINE CLASS - Blue Door Acrylic Painting - For All Skill Levels by Artist Susan Abdella

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ONLINE CLASS -  Blue Door Acrylic Painting - For All Skill Levels by Artist Susan Abdella


Online Painting Class

A Blue Door Acrylic Painting - For All Skill Levels by Artist Susan Abdella

A Blue Door Acrylic painting has been created on a 20"x20" gallery canvas. Artist and teacher Susan Abdella has painted this online art class to appeal to all skill levels of artists.

Technique: Students will learn to create a textured background to resemble an adobe stucco finish around the painted door as well as create heavy paint on the door itself. The flowers and leaves used to decorate the crown of the door are painted using a wet in wet blending method. Susan describes how she uses a brush mixing method to add form and details.



  • All Students have UNLIMITED access to the classroom. Your class time never runs out!
  • This online painting class is presented with videos, text lessons and line drawing of the design.
  • Susan will answer all your questions and provide feedback when needed. Each classroom has Q&A Forums where students can post photos of their work in progress and ask for help or critique from the instructor.
  • Paint from the best seat in the class as you watch Susan develop this painting right from the beginning. Rewind and watch the videos as often as you wish!
  • NOTE:   All videos can be watched from your ipad and all mobile devices!



***Open for continuous registration – All course materials are completely uploaded into the classroom – there is no wait time between lessons and videos.  Work along at your own pace. This course is suitable for all levels.



Deco Art Traditions Acrylic Pigments

Medium White – DAT37

Naphthol Red light – DAT03

Naphthol Red – DAT02

Alizarin Crimson – DAT51

Hansa Yellow Medium - DAT52

Sap Green- DAT58

Ultramarine Blue - DAT26

Phthalo Blue – DAT24

Burnt Umber  - DAT - 46


Deco Art Traditions Brushes

Large Flat or Wash Brush - TB38

3/8” Angle – TB73

¼” Angle – TB72

½” Angle -

10 Filbert – TB43

8 Filbert – TB42

Large Mop Brush - TB131 or TB131

10 or 12 Dome Blender – TB92 or TB93

3/8 or ¾ Blender Mop – TB111 or TB113

Short Liner or #3 Round Brush – TB11


Deco Art Mediums

Traditions Texture Stucco-this product has been discontinued. In its place substitute DecoArt Dimensional Effects (DS109) or any texture type product. You will need 2 4 oz. jars.

Traditions Extender and Blending Medium – DATM02

Traditions Extender Satin Varnish (optional) – DATM04


Miscellaneous Supplies

Large Tracing Paper or Clear Acetate

T-Square Ruler

Scotch Tape

Dark Graphite

Wet Palette or container with a tight fitting lid for paint

Paper palette

Palette Knife



20” x 20” Gallery Canvas


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