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ONLINE CLASS - Acrylic - How to Paint Transparent Glass in Still Life Paintings - by Sue Pruett MDA

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ONLINE CLASS - Acrylic - How to Paint Transparent Glass in Still Life Paintings - by Sue Pruett MDA

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Online Painting Class

How to Paint A Transparent Glass Object?


Unlimited Class access - Students have continuous access to this class


Excellent Value

Not Available Anywhere Else On the Internet

  • Unlimited access to teacher support and feedback for the duration of the class.
  • Step by step video demonstrations of the painting techniques and development of the composition.
  • Step by step written notes to follow along with the videos. (easy to download and print)
  • Step by step photographs.
  • Unlimited classroom access 24/7 for the duration of the class.


Have You Struggled With Painting Realistic Glass?

Over the last 30 years of painting, I've discovered that traditional still life painters will encounter a glass element at sometime along the journey. As you too will discover, realistic looking glass objects require specific knowledge and understanding to render them accurately. As an artist, I spent many years studying glass objects and developing an easy approach to painting them. Glass objects held particular interest for me, mostly because as a new painter I too struggled with creating their true form and transparency. This sent me on a quest to define a way to paint them in the most realistic and easy manner.

I was particularly driven to develop an acrylic painting technique that was directed to the novice but serious student who wanted to perfect painting glass objects. The rest is history.

Class Content Overview  - (all videos can be watched on all mobile devices)

Block 1-2 - Written Introduction, Class Exercises, Glass Theory

Block 3 - Painting Lesson 1 - White Wine Glass - Videos:2hr:14min

Block 4 - Painting Lesson 2 - Still Life set up and Photography Lesson - Video:30min.

Block 5 - Painting Lesson 3 - Lemon & Lime slices in Glass Dish - Thick Glass transparency and Distortion of objects. Video:3 hrs

Block 6 - Painting Lesson 4 - White roses in Glass Vase with water - Container with liquid and painting roses - Video:3.5hrs

Block 7 - Painting Lesson 5 - Glass Pitcher  - Painting thin glass overlapping objects - Video:5hrs 

Block 8 - Painting Lesson 6 - Waterdrops - Video:45 min

Text Lessons: Each painting block has step by step written lessons provided so the student can paint along with the videos.


Step by step supporting photographs are included with all class materials.

Dont forget! - Instructor help and feedback: Students have unlimited access to receive individual critiques from the instructor.

Students have unlimited access to classroom materials and instructor feedback. 

Other Support

  • Classroom Forums: There are many classroom forums where you'll upload photographs of your work, and questions and answers are shared between students and me the instructor. Feedback is very important. This helps you know that you are on the right track. If there are any issues or challenges, these Q & A’s forums help clarify anything that might not be completely clear to you.


Explore the tools, and painting techniques used for painting transparent glass. Learn what to look for when creating realistic glass objects.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn the painting techniques and theory for creating glass transparency,
  • Learn about perspective relative to ellipses in glass containers,
  • Learn how to apply lost and found edges relative to depth and dimension, 
  • Learn the physical properties of glass, e.g. different thicknesses of glass,
  • Learn how glass distortion will alter the way we view objects,
  • Learn how to render true form relative to the shapes of different glass objects,
  • Students will paint a variety of glass shapes and sizes,


Media: Artist's Acrylics - Pure Pigments

Surface: Assorted canvas or wooden boards wine glass:

  1. 11"x14"
  2. large still life 16"x20"

Includes - Class Painting Exercises: Several asignments help students identify the properties of glass objects.

IMPORTANT: This class is taught using acrylics, however the theory and principles can be adapted for all media. Join Sue for this step by step process as she shares with you her approach to painting glass objects in a still life painting.

Class Paintings

Students complete two or four paintings...

Please note: Students are given the choice to paint the large still life as one composition or as three separate still life paintings.

Painting #1: 11"x14"

The first painting is a still life exercise of a glass of white wine. The objective is to apply several of the glass theories and painting techniques. Creating a transparent glass vessel containing a clear colored liquid is the lesson's goal. 



Painting #2:16"x20"

In this second painting, a complete still life composition is painted. See the still life setup below. This large glass painting features several glass elements as well as organic objects such as the lemons and limes to help the student see how the properties of glass reach to their surroundings. Such as refections, distortion, color,and light. The objective is also to understand how to paint objects inside of other containers, how objects look when presented in water e.g: Rose stems in the bud vase.

Class Bonus Feature 

***Besides learning how to paint glass, students will also learn how to paint white roses, how to paint green limes and leaves as well as lemon and lime slices.



Class Presentation

Once enrolled in the class, students gain access to the online classroom on our website. Here you will find all the class materials such as the supply list, class videos, lessons and other support materials. As you watch the videos, the teacher helps you prepare for the class, discusses the supplies and begins the creative process. 


Students learn how to apply lost and found edges to build depth and dimension into their glass objects.

                        Watch and learn from the best seat in the house

One of the greatest benefits to taking an online class like this, is having the ability to hit the rewind button. If you need to re-watch a particular painting technique more than once, you can do so with a click. This also gives you lots of time to practice and digest the information at your own pace. Watching the videos from the best seat in the house gives you an over the shoulder view of the whole painting process from start to finish. Below is a short video snippet of the final painting details from the male lion. You can see every stroke at very close range.

 All Skill Levels Are Welcome

This course has been designed for all skill levels of painter. Naturally it is recommended that you have some prior painting experience. That said, you will meet many painters who are at various stages of their artistic journey. Everyone supports each other and is very helpful and friendly.



Excellent Value

Not Available Anywhere Else On the Internet

  • Unlimited access to teacher support and feedback for the duration of the class.
  • Step by step video demonstrations of the painting techniques and development of the composition.
  • Step by step written notes to follow along with the videos. (easy to download and print)
  • Step by step photographs.
  • Students have unlimited time to finish the class. 
  • Unlimited classroom access 24/7.
Start Your Journey to Painting Realistic Glass Objects In Still Life Compositions!

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  • 5
    What a great class!

    Posted by Margo M. on 26th Apr 2015

    Every time I want to write a review for this school's classes, I feel the lack of adjectives to describe how great the classes are here. Same for this class! I got it yesterday, and just finished watching all the videos, and read all instructions, and WOW! So great! Every single step is so detailed and so well explained. No wonder students are posting such great paintings in the classroom forum! :) Glass painting could not be better explained than this! And I absolutely love that Sue takes time to explain all the finishing details. They are just so very important!!! There is also a video on how to photograph your still life to achieve better results! Sue, you are just an amazing teacher, and I hope you will create more online classes with glass (and flowers) involved. I enjoyed watching every minute of this, and I am sure I will enjoy painting it even more. This is so worth the price I paid, and there is so much effort and love for art in each of your videos. Can't thank enough!

  • 5

    Posted by Maria on 27th Jul 2014

    This is a wonderful class, loaded with much information. The videos are extremely detailed, and very easy to follow. You will enjoy Sue's great sense of humor, learn to paint glass realistically, and end up with a very beautiful painting. I've enrolled in quite a few of Sue's classes and they are all exceptional.

  • 5
    Professional Instructions for Painting Glass

    Posted by Lise on 21st Apr 2014

    I have just started the course, but already I have learned precious informations. Sue Pruett is precise and explicit in her instructions...looks almost easy to do but...so much little details to remember. It is a pleasure to work with her. Her voice is calm and inviting. She is a great teacher.
    I love every minute of the course. Thank you Sue.

  • 5
    All Products and classes are Exceptional

    Posted by Joy on 18th Apr 2014

    All of the items, both products and classes have been as advertised. The teachers are excellent and the instructions and videos are clear and can be executed very easily so you can achieve a wonderful end result.
    I can't wait to learn how to paint such a realistic picture of glass. Sue is a great teacher.
    Thanks to all the teachers for the opportunity to learn a new skill.

  • 5
    Glass was always a mystery to paint before this class!

    Posted by doris woodruff on 8th Dec 2010

    This class is a must if you love realism as much as I ...mispainted glassware will ruin a realistic painting and this course is very very helpful to not mistake what you think you see so you can paint it!

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