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Martin Universal Design - Mijello Symphony Watercolor Palette

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Martin Universal Design Mijello

Symphony Watercolor Palette


Easy to Clean, Ample Room for Mixing

What's nice about this watercolor palette are the deep wells and the large mixing areas. When closed, the seal will remove air flow and prevent dust from settling on the surface. This palette is easy to clean, paint will not stick to the surface, and dried watercolors can be easily reconstituted with water.

The managable size of this palette makes travelling easy.


  • Symphony Watercolor Palette, by Mijello has been ergonomically designed.
  • It can be used by the right hand or by the left hand.
  • As with all Mijello Palettes, the color you see on the palette is the same as you will see on your watercolor paper.
  • These features combine twenty four color wells and three mixing areas to make this palette a special tool for the water colorist.
  • Size: 11x 5 x .8 inch when closed