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Working with Under-Painting and Color Harmony

Posted by Neadeen Masters, CDA on 5th May 2016

South American Landscape by Frederic Church, 1873 In the painting of the South American Landscape above, Church paints a luminous golden light that bathes his entire composition and creates a harmony … read more

​Working with Under-Paintings for Harmony

Posted by Neadeen Masters, CDA on 22nd Apr 2016

Under-Paintings for Color HarmonySome artists deliberately allow the under-painting to show through the final painting. When colors of the under-painting show in the final painting … read more

​3 Useful Tips when Selecting Artist's Paint

Posted by Gabriele Hunter on 19th Apr 2016

Pigment Properties and Qualities Pigments have properties such as permanence, tinting strength and hiding power. There are others, but for now let's just look at 3 of them. Check the label to see … read more

Beginners Painting Tips for Acrylic and Oil

Posted by Neadeen Masters, CDA on 18th Apr 2016

Learning Painting as a Beginner Artist Learning Painting can be easier when we understand how to use transparent colors. Most beginner artists start with wet … read more

The Joys of Painting with Yellow!

Posted by Neadeen Masters, CDA on 16th Apr 2016

Painting with Yellow - When your painting is inspired by the season or wanting to create a moodWhen painting warm color objects, or you want to inject warmth into the mood, we often turn to the … read more