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Acrylic Books and Patterns

Posted by Neadeen Masters, CDA on 21st Aug 2016

Acrylic Books and Patterns are Here to Help LearningMany artists who are just starting out with painting find themselves searching for acrylic books and patterns. They usually find they need he … read more

6 Top Tips for Painting Stroke Roses

Posted by Susan Abdella on 27th May 2015

Stroke Roses are a Favorite with Decorative PaintersAcrylic Stroke Roses are by far one of the most dramatic styles of painted rose. If you know how, you can paint them by the dozens and paint them … read more

Painting with Gaby - My Muse

Posted by Gabriele Hunter on 26th May 2015

My Muse is in my Backyard!In my neck of the woods, the word ‘Hollow’ is pronounced…Hol - la! This is West Virginia 'talk' for tellin’ folks that we live in one of the hundreds of lush green valleys … read more

7 Top Flower Painting Tips

Posted by Sue Pruett,MDA on 18th May 2015

Since I love painting flowers, I thought I'd share a few tips with you. Here are several concepts we need to think about when learning to paint realistic flowers.1. The soft ruffled flower petals of … read more