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Moms Who Create on a Tight Budget

Posted by Neadeen Masters, CDA on 18th Jun 2016

Moms Who Create on a Tight Budget

We all know money doesn't grow on trees, so when it comes to home decor on a tight budget, creativity springs into action. Today young moms and the DIY crowd are having creative fun and making every dollar stretch. DIY Moms make beautiful homes decorated with all the bells and whistles just by thinking outside the proverbial box! It’s about redoing and renewing…

Re-purpose and Renew

I remember leaving the beach one summer evening, as we drove home I spotted an old wooden fishing boat washed up along the shore. It had no bottom, and part of the stern had rotted away. I convinced my dad to stop and we dragged the old fishing boat into the back of our Volkswagen van and took it home. Needless to say I had to do a lot of convincing to get my two brothers to help lift the old relic onto the van. They just couldn't figure out what the heck I was going to do with a bottom less boat, and I didn't even like to fish!

My mom saw my vision and in just a few weeks, the old relic was a special floral feature in our front garden. This old boat became quite the conversation piece too! It looked like the boat below. To re-purpose something, is about giving it new life and continuity.

Paint will hide a Multitude of Sins

When I was growing up as a teen, I was always hunting rummage sales looking for treasures to repaint or re-purpose into something beautiful or useful. “Paint can hide a multitude of sins” was my mom’s favorite expression. Back then old house paint was the only available media, and it was usually white! Today we have Chalk Paint of every type and color. This type of paint works like magic! One of my favorites is the DecoArt Chalky finish paint, but there are several brands on the market. The beauty of the Chalky Paint finish is the low to no preparation prior to painting. This makes the transformation of worn surfaces so much easier. After a good cleaning and removal of grime and dirt, a few coats of Chalky Painting finish and Voila! A new treasure is created!

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint and Recycle

Re-doing older furniture is also a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. By recycling good quality wood, we also save trees for another generation. It pains me to spend money on new furniture when there are so many great bargains to be had if we just take the time to look. By scanning the classified ads, garage sales and second-hand stores, one never knows when that special deal will catch your eye.

For Less than $100 - A New Dining Table Set will Be born - Stage One - First Coat

At this time I am re-doing an older dining table and chairs as a gift for our son and his wife . The set was in great condition and picked up for less than $100. With Chalky Paint Finish and a little elbow grease, a beautiful solid wood dining room set will grace another family home for many years to come. Solid wood is almost a thing of the past, with new furniture often made from particle board, and soft woods that do not last. This recycled set will be updated to add charm and a unique quality to its new owner’s home. 

Rather than spending thousands of dollars, this recycled treasure is saving thousands of dollars, and creating something quite unique. 

In the image above shows a mid tone Turquoise Color base applied for the first stage. Turquoise is one of the main decorative colors in the home. After the application was dried, I used a damp cloth to wipe out worn areas. This is just the first step in the painting process.

Stay tuned for the whole painted transformation and the finished photos. To be continued...

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