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Meet Gaby Hunter - Teacher & Artist

Posted by Neadeen Masters, CDA on 8th Jun 2016

Teacher & Artist at the Art Apprentice Online

Gabriele Hunter- aka - Miss Gaby has been teaching and painting for over 20 years. Her love of color is played out in her painting as well as her in-depth knowledge of color theory. Like all the teachers at the Art Apprentice Online Art School, Gaby loves to see her students’ blossom under her instruction.

Being one of the owners at the Art Apprentice Online is a dream come true, as she shares her passion for art and painting with other artists.

Gaby lives in West Virginia, on her family farm and grows most of her own food! You should see her beautiful vegetable gardens with her precious baby goats - not to mention her lush flower gardens. Way to go Gaby! She is a 'Master' Gardener and enjoys painting and teaching as much as her beloved green thumb.

Vegetable Gardening and raising Goats equals - Peace and Love in Gaby's World!

Gaby is a tease, she loves to laugh and is quite the prankster! Always looking for ways to catch one of us in a fun practical joke! Miss Gaby is also one of the helpful voices on the other end of your call if you encounter any technical hiccups with passwords or classes! In her profession life Gaby was a Computer Programmer so by default she earned the title of AAO Computer specialist! Its her cute German/Hillbilly accent that we all love when it comes through loud and clear! We love you Gaby!

Gabriele Hunter Artist and Farmer

Join Gaby in any of her online painting classes or choose any of her beautiful downloadable painting patterns to help you learn while you paint!

Koi fish by Gaby Hunter at Art Apprentice Online How to Paint Seahorses by Gabriele Hunter at Art Apprentice Online

Here are just two examples of Gaby's colorful art work!

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