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Are You a Closet Painter?

Posted by Neadeen Masters on 9th May 2016

             Alone with the Canvas - the Closet Painter

Many of us are 'closet' painters, I don't know about you, but us 'closet' painters enjoy and need the solitude for painting alone. Are you one of those? I am, mostly because I don't do well with interruptions when I paint. Having to stop to answer a question breaks my train of thought.  I enjoy getting lost in the 'chatter' of my own thoughts. If you're a closet painter, you probably enjoy your own company too…You enjoy having conversations with yourself, deep internal discussions about depth, dimension, color, value, etc. Online painting classes might hold special appeal for you, you get to work at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. 

Closet Painters miss the creative 'think tank' 

There is a positive side to spending time with other creative people. It’s another sure way to become inspired and recharged don't you think? Like a creative 'think tank' perhaps? New ideas are born; they develop, change and evolve into something special. You lean over…you look, she leans over, suggests some deeper color in that corner…Pointing with her brush, she says, "maybe a little warmer over there"…And at times you just paint in group silence.

Closet painters learn by trial and error

But it’s true; sometimes we need others to bounce ideas with. Get a bit of honest critique from a group we trust, as others might see needed adjustments, or corrections we've missed. The downside off painting alone comes when we become too close to the work; we miss seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak! You know those times you paint the same darn tree 6 times? You move the barn to three different locations, only to paint it back in where it originally stood! Yes, we've all been there. Closet painters like to learn by trial and error…never mind the errors, we'll figure it out eventually as we fight through the fog alone!

Do you think Facebook has helped closet painters? 

I’d have to say yes…I find it inspiring to scroll through pages of art, read comments and feedback, even though I often wish the feedback was more than just a ‘like’…For me it’s important to know what folks like about my painting. Is it the color palette? Is it the mood, the light, the brush work or simply the composition?

In a nutshell, it’s always nice to paint with friends, but it’s also nice to be left alone with our thoughts. Both provide a unique approach to the canvas. Maybe online painting classes offer a solution for both. Silence and available feedback when you need it. 

Do you have a preference? 

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