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Kingfisher - Downloadable pattern - Bird painting - Acrylic - Mabel Blanco

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This colorful Kingfisher bird sits on a branch with white flowers as he intensely awaits his prey.  This is a downloadable pattern with written instructions, a supply list and many close up step photos making it easy to follow along with the explanations.  Painted in acrylic paint but could just as  easily be painted in oils as the directions would apply to either medium.


Decoart Traditions Artist Acrylic: 

DAT 42 Carbon Black

DAT 18 Chrome Green Hue

DAT 19 Pine Green

DAT 40 Medium Gray

DAT 43 Raw Sienna

DAT 12 Yellow Oxide

DAT 44 Burnt Sienna

DAT 46 Burnt Umber

DAT 26 Ultramarine Blue

DAT 14 Hansa Yellow

DAT 35 Titanium White