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DVD - Introduction How to Paint Transparent Glass - Acrylic - Red Wine Glass - by Sue Pruett MDA

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Painting DVD

Introduction to Painting Glass - Red Wine Glass Still Life

Artist and teacher Sue Pruett provides step by step instructions and photographs that takes the student through the painting process.   This painting DVD includes two hours of painting the entire wine glass from start to finish. Also included is a CD disk with 15 pages of written text focusing on the basics of painting glass, and step photos how to paint the wine glass. This painting lesson is packed with information addressing the important concepts related to painting glass in still life compositions... Such as transparency, light, and form.  Still Life concepts are always reinforced in Sue's lessons.

This DVD set includes 2 disks - 2 hours of video, and 1 CD containing detailed instructions and step by step photographs and the line drawing for the wine glass.


·  This painting lesson also reinforces the concepts of value and form.

·  Extender medium is used to ease the application of light and dark values, showing the artist how to create soft gradations of color using acrylics.

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