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E PAINTING PATTERN - Sunflowers on Blue - acrylic- by Susan Abdella, MDA

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E PAINTING PATTERN - Sunflowers on Blue - acrylic- by Susan Abdella, MDA

It’s always time for sunflower paintings!  Learn how to paint simple, yet pretty sunflowers in a still life composition.  Ready for immediate download!

Sunflowers in a shiny white vase against a blue background - always eye catching and perfect for both Contemporary and Transitional decorating styles.  This is a fairly simple painting pattern using the popular DecoArt Traditions Acrylic paints.  

Suitable for several different surface sizes.


Titanium White

Warm White

Light Gray

Hansa Yellow Medium

Hansa Yellow Light

Dairylide Yellow

Yellow Deep

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Burnt Sienna

Raw Umber





Extender and Glazing Medium

Satin Varnish

Multi Purpose Sealer (for wood surface)

Gesso (for canvas surface)



3/0 Liner

½” Angle

#6 Filbert

#1 Mini Mop

¾” Blender Mop

Large Wash Brush

# 4 Round Brush



Clear Acetate or tracing paper; fine point black marker to trace design

Dark graphite transfer paper; stylus

T-square ruler

Wet palette container

Paper palette

Regular painting supplies

Hair dryer

Scotch or masking tape


My surface was 11 X 14 Masonite;  8 ½ x 11 size will also work nicely,  Choose Masonite or canvas.  Adjust pattern to fit your choice of surface.


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