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E-Painting Pattern - High Water River - Palette Knife Painting - Acrylic by Neadeen Masters

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Downloadable Painting Pattern

E-Painting Pattern - High Water River - Palette Knife Painting 

Acrylic by Neadeen Masters

 Learn to paint this simple landscape using a palette knife painting technique. Texture is fun to work with and lends a freedom to the painting. No special skills are required.

This simple painting pattern comes with line drawing, written painting directions and step photo instructions to follow.

 Palette:  DecoArt Traditions

Titanium White  

Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue Hue

Phthalo Green Blue

Yellow Oxide

Dairylide Yellow (optional)

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber


Mediums:  DecoArt Traditions

Extender and Blending Medium DATM02

Glazing Medium DATM01

Satin Varnish


Brushes:  DecoArt Tradition

Filberts Sizes 8 or a #10 flat brush
Liner 3/0,

Standard Palette knife



Other Supplies:

8"x10”Canvas – Fit landscape 

Clear Lay Acetate to trace your design on. This will help you create a very accurate line drawing and transfer. (Optional)

White Graphite Paper
Black Sharpe Pen (Extra Fine) for tracing onto the clear acetate.