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E-PAINTING PATTERN - Dust Devil - Western Horse Painting - Acrylic by Glenice Moore

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Dust Devil Horse Painting by Glenice Moore

Downloadable Painting Pattern 

Dust Devil Western Horse Painting - Acrylic by Glenice Moore

Media: Acrylic

This western horse painting is a dramatic composition. The featured western horse is in full action! Obviously in a full gallop, kicking up dust and debris to surround him and add to the overall sense of action. The colors are lively and bursting full of energy setting the mood for a dinamic painting.

The atmospheric background treatment shows this movement and space. It is a mottled background created with many warm colors to showcase the main subject. This is created using a popular acrylic painting technique.

Glenice shares her painting process in step by step written instructions with many step photos. The student can follow along with a series of staged photos showing how the horse and background are developed at each stage.



This downloadable painting lesson comes with instructions, step photos and a line drawing of the horse. Traditions Artist's acrylics are available at the Art Apprentice Online.

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