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E-Magazine - Art Apprentice Online E-Magazine for Artists - 1011 - Issue #11

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        Online Video Magazine - Issue #11

           ...teaching you how to paint


 250 pages! 10 painting lessons and almost 7 hrs of videos!!

This video e-magazine features several wonderful designs (some shown on the cover) with painting lessons by many accomplised artists who share their skills. Learn how to paint through in-depth written articles and step by step painting lessons. Once again, in this issue there is something for everyone. There are several hours of video instructions also included that will help the student artist discover important painting techniques as they learn more about how to paint.

           New Feature - New Theme

                   Depth & Dimension

NOTE:This is a new feature for our E-magazine. The main focus of each magazine is a specific artistic concept. This issue's Focus is on 'depth and dimension'. When learning how to paint, artists need to understand the concepts for creating three dimensional illusions...the articles in this issue will give you the keys to unlock these secrets!



                 Learn How to Paint Different Textures!

Artist Mabel Blanco painted this beautiful and detailed painting lesson for the Art Apprentice Online Magazine. This lesson covers a variety of painting concepts from painting detailed tree bark to birds, logs and peeling paint. The lesson is packed full of interesting effects for the student artist to learn. (above)

This painting lesson is followed by a theory article explaining and demonstrating how depth and dimension are used in the painting article.

***The extra benefit to this new magazine format, where some of the painting lessons are explained and explored from a theory point of view (see below) the artist is not only learning how to paint the pretty painting with the help of the artist's instructions, they are 'learning' how to see and understand the most important concepts behind the creation of the painting.


                       A New Approach to Learning 

             Not Found In Any Other Art Publication!

The goal of this art publication is to create a learning experience that is both educational, inspiring and interactive. The rich content teaches at every turn. This concept is not found in any other published art magazine and is an amazing collection of artistic materials for the student artist who is serious about learning how to paint.


       Something for Everyone - From Flowers to Wildlife


                                        WildLife By Glenice Moore

Artist Glenice Moore paints this lone wolf in Traditions artists acrylics. Texture, depth and dimension are created with the use of shadows and highlights. Glenice Moore is a well known and very popular wildlife artist from the US and a regularly featured artist in many of our magazines.


          Flower Painting - Includes Video Instruction

This Painting Lesson Comes with Several Hours of Video Painting Demonstrations. This brilliant tulip flower painted by artist Donna Richards comes complete with detailed step by step painting instructions and several hours of upclose video demonstrations. Watch Donna paint through this design from the best seat in the house.



         Still Life Painting Includes Video Instruction

This Painting Lesson Comes with Several Hours of Video Painting Demonstrations

Artist and teacher Gaby Hunter has created a lively design inspired by the Fall Season. The instructions for this painting lesson share many tips that will help you understand more about dimension and depth. Using a complementary color scheme, Gaby uses color temperature contrast to create the fun dramatic piece for the Fall holidays. (above and below) You'll come away with a great appreciation for mixing your own rich black hues.




        Flower Painting Includes Video Instruction

This Painting Lesson Comes with Several Hours of Video Painting Demonstrations

Artist Susan Abdella paints a sweet bouquet of spring blossoms. Great painting lesson for the beginning artist who wants to try their hand at painting flowers. Using Traditions Artists Acrylics, Susan paints with a limited palette and shows the student how she brush mixes many of her colors. (above)


              Bird Painting Includes Video Instruction

This Painting Lesson Comes with Several Hours of Video Painting Demonstrations

Artist Connie Clark shares a fun bird design using the full spectrum of colors. Painted in acrylic, but easily adapted to oil if necessary, Connie provides several hours of video and step by step painting instructions for creating this piece.


             For All Skill Levels and Painting Tastes


                           That's 10 Painting Lessons

                      Over 7 hours of video instructions!

           250 Pages of Articles and Rich Artistic Content


  • How much would you expect to pay for this collection of 10 painting lessons with videos and step by step photos and instructions and theory articles?
  • But not just that, to have experienced artists explain some of the most important concepts of the painting lesson to you...in language you can understand?

                                   That's 10 Painting Lessons

                      Over 7 hours of video instructions! 

              250 Pages of Articles and Rich Artistic Content

    (keep in mind that a 2hr video sells for $24.95 and the average cost of a painting pattern is $7.00)

                               What would you expect to pay?

                                 $100.00 - No

                                 $75.00 - No

                                 $50.00 - No

                        Regular Price - Only $24.95





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  • 5
    Wonderful issue!!! ♥

    Posted by Carol M. on 4th Feb 2013

    This is the best E-magazine around. Packet with a wide variety of great information and fun.....wonderful projects to paint. The videos included with the projects is invaluable. Like having the teacher right in the room with you.

  • 5
    Magnificent Magazines!!

    Posted by Jackie South Africa on 4th Feb 2013

    I think this is great, I love this magazines, the 1011 , the best !!!!

  • 5
    Amazing value

    Posted by Sharon Graham on 4th Feb 2013

    Recently purchased my first E-magazine -issue 11 & I am so impressed with the amount of imformation & the beautiful designs, don't know what to paint first!! Thank you ladies for this amazing mag.

  • 5
    Excellenct as always

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2013

    I am excited to get started on a few of the projects in this. As always the projects are terrific and the instructions are detailed to where even a beginner would be able to turn out a great painting.

  • 5
    Greart art lessons.

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2013

    I was very excited to look over the art lessons in this issue. I want to paint several of them and am excited about which one to do first. The parrot is truly magnificent and the wrens are so adorable. These will probably be the first ones I attempt. i look forward to completing each of the projects over the next three months or so depending on what free time I can find.

  • 5

    Posted by Carol Westfall on 3rd Feb 2013

    The book is jam-packed with tons of painting tips and patterns. There are many interesting items and even though I just perused the book, I'm sure I will enjoy it very much.

  • 5
    Best Art Magazine I have found

    Posted by Sandy E - USA on 22nd Jan 2013

    This is the best art magazine on the market. I have bought everyone, and I have learned the most from Art Apprentice Online Magazines. Excellent information, well written and very beautiful painting lessons. get them all!

  • 5

    Posted by Cindy Dorr on 18th Jul 2012

    Well worth the wait. I love the articles on depth and dimension. This magazine is written in layman's terms and is very easy for the beginner to understand.

    I love the colours and the articles - I also really like reading about the artists backgrounds.

    Excellent value for money. Can't wait for the next one!

  • 5
    What a great find!

    Posted by JR - Canada on 16th Jul 2012

    I just found this magazine and I am in Heaven! Excellent!