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E-Book - Introduction to Winter Landscape Painting with Gladys Neilsen (includes three progressive lessons)

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Media: Acrylic

Introduction to winter landscape painting with artist Gladys Neilsen is a detailed series of lessons to get the new artist started painting winter scenery. Each of the three lessons in this e-booklet are written with step by step, painted samples that showcase all the steps ... Each lesson builds on the theory and techniques of the previous lesson. The first lesson uses a moonlight light source and is a monochromatic study. This is an excellent lesson for students learning to paint with a grey scale and values. Lesson two uses a multi-colored, late afternoon sky, and shows the student how to work with a light source. This lesson also shows how to introduce moving water and rocks into a composition. Lesson three concentrates on complexity. This third winter scene is painted using a day time light source, includes a mountain, small building, river, and additional landscape features. Linear perspective is introduced to create depth and dimension.

Save a copy to your hard drive or print each lesson and save to a 3-ring binder.


Lesson # One - Copyright 2010 - Gladys Neilsen


Lesson # Two - Copyright 2010 - Gladys Neilsen


Lesson # Three - Copyright 2010 - Glads Neilsen