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E-Book - Bears and the Old Masters - Acrylic Still Life - Sharon Morgan

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Painting Teddy Bears In Acrylic

 The Ultimate Painting Collection!


E-Book - (Ready for Download)

Acrylic Painting - Bears and The Old Masters by Sharon Morgan: All teddy bears are cute and the bears presented in this e-book are created in the Old Masters style. You will learn, with just a small amount of paint,  how to produce shape and form with color value placement. Learn how fur is created in a unique technique. 


Traditions Paint: 
Quinacridone Gold (DAT07)            
Raw Umber (DAT45)                       
Yellow Deep (DAT10)                  
aw Sienna (DAT43)            
English Red Oxide (DAT06)                
Hansa Yellow (DAT14)
Carbon Black (DAT42)             
Yellow Oxide (DAT12)                     
Dioxazine Purple (DAT31)
Warm White (DAT36)                      
Quinacridone Burnt Orange (DAT53)  
Medium Beige(DAT38)         

Pine Green (DAT9)                            
Napthol Red(DAT02)
Dairylide Yellow (DAT13)                            
TransparentYellow Iron Oxide (DAT56)   

 Traditions Brushes
3/8 inch(TB7)
1/8 inch(TB71)
¼ inch(TB72)
½ inch(TB74)
1 inch angle brush
Liner brush #3/0(TB11)
3” Purdy brush 
½” scruffy brushes,
mop brush #0(TB101-mini mop)
mop brush # ½(TB112-blender mop)