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DVD - Van Huysum's Bird's Nest and Eggs - Acrylic Still life by Susan Abdella, MDA

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DVD - Van Huysum's Bird's Nest and Eggs - Acrylic Still life by Susan Abdella, MDA



Acrylic Painting DVD

This painting is a small corner of a very large floral painting by the Old Dutch Master Jan Van Huysum, called “A Vase of Flowers” which was painted in 1722.  But in and of itself this corner featuring a bird's nest is truly beautiful.  I have used an abbreviated method of the Old Flemish Painting Technique omitting the Imprimatura color and the Dead Layer.  Instead we will begin with the Umbra Layer, which is basically a value painting using earth tones, in this case Raw Umber.

I would suggest you use Masonite or another hard surface.  Base paint with 2 coats of Medium White and sand smooth.  If you choose to use canvas, apply several coats of gesso, sanding between coats to smooth the canvas weave before applying the Medium White. Then transfer the design with dark graphite, apply a light coat of Extender and begin the value painting. Dress the brush with Extender and side load into Raw Umber and begin layering in the dark values.  Build the dark values gradually; this will take several applications of paint drying in between coats. Give the entire piece 2 coats of Multi-Purpose Sealer.

Enlarge the line drawing to 12 x 16.


DecoArt Traditions Paint, Mediums and Brushes

Warm White

Medium White

Hansa Yellow Light

Yellow Oxide

Raw Sienna

Indian Yellow

Naphthol Red Light

Naphthol Red

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Transparent Red Iron Oxide

Ultramarine Blue

Medium Beige

Raw Umber


Traditions Mediums

Extender and Blending Medium

Multi-Purpose Sealer

Glaze Medium (optional)

Satin Varnish


Traditions Brushes

3/0 Liner

#4 Round

#10 or #12 Flat

¾” or 1” Flat

¼”,  3/8”,  1/2” Angles

0 or 1 Mini Mop

3/8”,  ½” or ¾” Blender Mop

Large Mop Brush


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