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DVD 'Art Is' - Acrylic Texture and Multi Media Inspiration - By Artist Barbara Cassidy

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DVD 'Art Is' - Acrylic Texture and Multi Media Inspiration - By Artist  Barbara Cassidy

                                   Create Multi Media or Mixed Media Art

                            2 hour Painting DVD



Artist Barbara Cassidy is well known for her love of texture and the use of interesting shapes to create one of a kind mixed media art works. If you love working in the abstract you will love these semi-modern pieces that can be tailored or pewrsonalized to suit YOU.

Learn how Barbara combines textural mediums with fabric and other bits and pieces, keys, wheels and other fun trinkets to express the meaning of 'art' itself. Look closely and you can pick out many words related to the journey of the artist...Perhaps you can think of other words that speak directly to you?


                 Create Your Own Artistic Statement!

You too can make this fun and colorful piece to hang in your studio or classroom. Maybe you want to announce to the world that YOU too are an artist at heart!

It's always fun to let your Creativity and Inspiration take over and shine. Who knows?? This may get you motivated to create all kinds of mixed media pieces for friends and family!

Work along with Barbara in this 2 hr DVD as she explains her step by step process how to create this fun and interesting Mixed Media work of art. Inject your own symbolism into the piece and make it your own!
Acrylic Media

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