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DVD and Booklet - Landscape Studies - The Foothills - by artist Bill Bayer

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DVD and Instruction Booklet - Landscape Studies - The Foothills - by artist Bill Bayer
Media: Oil

Paint along with landscape artist Bill Bayer using the enclosed printed materials, as he demonstrates and explains how to use photographs to create beautiful in-studio landscapes with traditional, classic painting techniques that can also be used as plain air techniques. 

Bill says, "Don't be a slave to photos" - you can create stunning works of art following Bill's proven quick and easy to understand painting process. 

This DVD comes with an instructional booklet and step photos and includes "Old Masters" techniques using transparent/opaque color, how value affects depth and form, using color mixing, drawing, brush handling, and the use of a basic palette for beginners.


Please note: These are recorded during the many classes that I have been teaching around the country. The actual demonstrations are edited and produced to give DVD's as if you where in the actual classes. Filmed with permission of the students all voices have been deleted (except for mine of course) and each step is covered as it would be in a classroom setting. Each DVD is a complete project and there are many themes to chose from.


Each DVD runs for approximately 1 hr.