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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Polar Bear Collection - Acrylic Wildlife - by artist Glenice Moore

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Downloadable Painting Pattern or E-Pattern


Polar Bear Collection - Wildlife Painting - Electronic Acrylic Painting Pattern - by artist Glenice Moore 

If you love wildlife painting and want to try your hand at these beautiful, and oh so adorable polar bear cubs and adults, these painting lessons are for you. Artist Glenice Moore shares her painting steps to create each of these four wintery designs.
These four individual designs comes with line-drawings and written painting instructions. The lessons also include the colour final image of the paintings.

Painting Palette Traditions Artist Acrylics

Titanium White DAT35
Warm White DAT36
Burnt Umber DAT46

Carbon Black DAT42
Light Grey DAT39
Light Violet DAT34
Cerulean Blue DAT28
Ultramarine Blue DAT26
Phthalo Blue DAT24



Mediums - Traditions 

Extender DATM02
Glazing Medium DATM01