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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Mellow Yellow Garden Flowers by Susan Abdella MDA

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This bright and happy design is painted with Traditions Artist Acrylics and can be adapted to many surfaces such as wood, metal, canvas etc.  Please enlarge or reduce as desired.  You will learn about value and temperature relating to the background, also layering of color.  There are 2 different patterns included in the packet.

Palette:  DecoArt Traditions

Warm White

Medium White

Yellow Oxide

Blue Gray

Phthalo Blue

Teal Green

English Red Oxide

Raw Umber



Mediums: DecoArt Traditions

Extender and Blending Medium

Satin Vanish

Gesso (only if using canvas)

All Purpose Sealer (if using a metal surface)



            Filberts Size 8 or Angle Brush Size 3/8” or Flat Size 8 or 10 or Chisel Blender 10

            Short Liner

            Large Wash or Flat (for background)

            Large Mop

            Mini mops

            Small Round Size 3

            Brushes of your choice