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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Make Your Leaves Pop with Color Temperature - by Sue Pruett MDA

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Downloadable Painting Lesson 

Media - Acrylic

Make Your Leaves Pop with Color Temperature 

by Sue Pruett MDA

Color has many properties – Temperature is one of them along with Hue, Value, and Intensity.

Color Temperature is a way to inject life, energy and most importantly...Create the illusion of depth in paintings. The easiest way to visualize color temperature is to think about fire and ice.

***Once this concept is mastered, artists learn how to make their paintings stand out or pop with energy! How to make them exciting!

Included: Detailed explanation about using Color Temperature, instructions for painting and step photos to follow.

Palette  - Traditions Artist Acrylics
Hansa Yellow
Indian Yellow
Medium White
Ultramarine Blue
Warm White
Phthalo Blue
Naphthol Red Light
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Carbon Black

Traditions Mediums
Blending and Extender Medium
Glazing Medium
Satin Varnish

Traditions Brushes
TB11 - 3/0 liner
TB31 - 4 flat
TB42 – 8 filbert
TB43 – 10 filbert
TB101 – 0 mini mop
TB102 – 1 mini mop

5x7 Masonite or canvas
white graphite paper
wet palette container
wax palette paper
palette knife