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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Giraffes - Tender Moments - Acrylic by Glenice Moore

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Downloadable Painting Pattern

Media: Acrylic


Giraffes - Tender Moments 

by Glenice Moore

 Giraffes are a popular wildlife subject to paint. Artist Glenice Moore has created a beautiful composition where Mom and Babe share a sweet snuggle. Using a classic 'C' and 'S' curve, the lines of this design are eye catching. 

This downloadable painting pattern comes with line drawing, step photos and several color photographs to follow along with. Written instructions are also quite detailed and easy to follow.



SURFACE: Portrait Canvas 18 x 24 or 16 x 20 (your choice)


Americana™ Burnt Sienna for background

DecoArt™ Traditions™ Acrylic Paint:

Warm White

Medium White

Raw Umber

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna
Naphthol Red

Perinone Orange

Indian Yellow

Yellow Deep

Carbon Black

Mediums: Glazing Medium Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss

Brushes: Rounds Liner Shadow Dancer

Miscellaneous Supplies:

White Graphite Transfer Paper


Wet Palette

Small Sponge Roller