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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Folk Art Tray Painting - Camellia Flowers - Acrylic by Gaby Hunter

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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Acrylic Folk Art Tray Painting - Camellia Flowers by Gaby Hunter

As with most modern Folk Art pieces, a more contemporary color palette is used. The traditional tin or metal tray surface serves as a valuable link with Early American decorative objects. The artist, Gaby Hunter has created a lovely traditional floral motif, and added a touch of the Chippendale painting style by embellishing with gold touches.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn painting techniques that include under-painting and layering.
  • Learn simple wet in wet applications and how to use casual over stroking with the layering of transparent glazes.
  • Discover how cool tinting and warm color accents are used to create color flow, unity and harmony.
  • Traditions Mica True Gold is used to add additional accents and embellishments.

Skill Level - Suitable for the strong beginning student or intermediate painter.

This downloadable painting pattern comes with written instructions, step photos and line drawing so the artist can learn as they follow along.

Media:  Acrylic
Mediums:  Extender & Blending Medium–DATM02, Multi-Surface Sealer Medium – DATM01, Satin Varnish – DATM04
Application:  Acrylic 

Surface: Metal plate - Can easily be adapted to fit other decorative surfaces or furniture pieces.