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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Acrylic - Dunes At Dawn by Artist Barbara Cassidy

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Downloadable Painting Pattern

Acrylic - Dunes At Dawn Painting Pattern by Artist Barbara Cassidy

This acrylic painting pattern will help you recreate this lovely seaside painting. Learn how to mix and paint the subtle shades for this beautiful pastel painting,while learning to create depth by using differing values and intensities of colors for painting realistic sea grasses.

The artist, Barbara Cassidy shares her painting process and painting techniques in 21 pages of written directions and step photographs.

***Ready to download to your computer now.


16” x 20” Canvas Surface (you can use a smaller surface if desired)

Palette – Deco Art Traditions  Artist  Acrylics


Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue

Dioxazine Purple

Hansa Yellow

Light Violet

Medium White

Pine Green

Titanium White

Ultramarine Blue

Warm White


Mediums – Deco Art Traditions


Glazing Medium

Satin Varnish



¾” Flat

#12 Filbert

#8 Filbert

½” Angle

#0 Liner

Or Script Liner

Blender Mop

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