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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Acrylic - Discus Fish Painting by Artist Gabriel Hunter

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Downloadable Painting Pattern

Please Note: This painting pattern is ready for your immediate download: Once purchased you will receive an email with instructions on how to download.


Have you ever wondered how to paint a fish? Artist Gaby Hunter was inspired to paint this adorable fresh-water fish by its remarkable color palette and surface patterns. Using the brilliant colors of Aqua and Turquoise, contrasted by the orange and yellow orange hues of the fish, Gaby saw a fun painting evolve before her eyes! A new painting pattern was created!


Using Artist grade pigments, Tradition's Artist's acrylics, Gaby has explained how she approached the painting of the background, the detailed patterns on the body and the illusion of the clear water and bubbles. In step by step written instructions and photographs, the student artist can paint along following gaby's guidence.


Learn how to blend the background, create the weeds waving in the water currents, the light effects and the glistening reflective quality on the body of the fish. Perhaps you will be inspired to paint several of these fish. The design is great for a bathroom, child's room, used to decorate summer home decor and even paint on refinished furniture pieces. This design has loads of potential, especially if you love color like gaby does!


Artist Palette - Traditions Artists Acrylics:


Transparent Red Iron Oxide - PR101
Naphthol Red Light - PR9
Hansa Yellow – PY74
Phthalo Blue - PB15:3
Phthalo Green – PG7
Ultramarine Blue – PB29
Aquamarine Blue
Dioxazine Purple -- PV23
Titanium White – PW 6
Medium White
Raw Umber – PBr 7
Carbon Black -- PBk7


Extender & Blending Medium DATM02
Satin Varnish DATM04 



Soft White Mop TB121

Blender Mop TB111
Large Oval
Filbert Size 12
Round #3 TB21
Kolinsky #3 or Liner