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Downloadable E-painting pattern - Magnolias in The Morning Sky - by Artist Mabel Blanco

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Downloadable E-painting pattern

Media - Acrylic

Magnolias in The Morning Sky - by Artist Mabel Blanco

The large glossy foliage and beautiful blooms of the Magnolias are a delightful touch of elegance and a pleasure to paint and decorate with. 

***Painting instruction is also provided in Spanish!


 -Canvas  size of your choice.  Enlarge or reduce pattern as required.

 -All basic supplies including waxed palette, palette knife, water container, paper towels or clean rag, and graphite transfer paper.


DecoArt Traditions Acrylic Paint

DAT35 Titanium White          TW

DAT46 Burnt Umber              BU

DAT44 Burnt Sienna              BS

DAT18 Chrome Green Hue   CGH

DAT12 Yellow Oxide              YO

DAT45 Raw Umber               RU

DAT42 Carbon Black            CB

DAT55 Cobalt Blue Hue       CBH 


DecoArt Traditions Extender & Blending Medium



DecoArt Traditions Synthetic brushes

Flat     #12; # 8

Round #3