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Downloadable E-Painting Pattern - Lilies in the Garden - Watercolor by Donna Richards

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Lilies In the Garden - Watercolor Painting Pattern


Donna Richards 

Learn how to paint beautiful Day Lilies with Watercolor! The easy Watercolor painting techniques are thoroughly explained in this 10 page painting lesson. Detailed written step by step instruction includes seven step photos and a line drawing. Suitable for all painting levels – even the beginning artist wanting to learn how to paint with watercolors or improve their skill level can find success with this design.

Lilies are a favorite among garden enthusiasts and artists alike!  The bold yet elegant flowers are found in a wide variety of styles and colors.  They are strikingly beautiful in gardens, in a bouquet as cut flowers, or as the subject of a painting! 


Original design size is 8"x10" on 300# Watercolor Paper

Pallette: Mission Gold Artists watercolors

  • Permanent Rose
  • Rose Madder
  • Cad Orange
  • Ultra Marine Blue Deep
  • Cad Yellow Light (Lemon Yellow)
  • Van Dyke Brown
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Sap Green

Suggested Brushes: 

  • Rounds with a good point - #8, #3 or 4
  • Filberts or Flats - #6, #12
  • Liner
  • Old brush for appling masking fluid


Misc. Supplies:

Standard painting supplies 

Watercolor palette or other Small plastic palette with wells for mixing water with the pigments

Masking Fluid