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Downloadable E-Packet - Bernie The Christmas Gnome by Gaby Hunter

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This cute Christmas gnome is created using gourds.  What a great ornament to make and give that special person to remember you by every holiday season.  



Palette:  DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylic and Brushes

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

Naphthol Red

Naphthol Red Light

Prussian Blue Hue

Raw Sienna

Yellow Oxide

Hansa Yellow Medium 

Dioxazine Purple

Ultramarine Blue

Medium White

Titanium White


Traditions Mediums

Glazing Medium

Extender & Blending Medium

Satin Varnish



Traditions Brushes

TB12 - 0 liner

TB11 - 3/0 liner

TB21 - 3 round

TB41 - 6 filbert

TB42 - 8 filbert

TB91 - 8 dome blender

TB73 - 3/8" angle



Other Supplies: 


Rusted Wire

Tooth Pick or thin dowel

Wooden star




Egg Gourd for the body and a cut banana gourd for the hat.   Glue the hat (cut banana gourd) to the egg gourd.  You can also use QuikWood to attach the hat to the egg gourd.