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Delicious Plumbs by Artist Mabel Blanco

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A still life painting by Artist Mabel Blanco featuring a group of delicious dark plums.  This downloadable acrylic pattern packet includes a reference photo, line drawing, and 5 step photos  included with the written directions.


Rectangular canvas or other surface - size your choice.

Palette: DecoArt Traditions Acrylic

DAT 35    Titanium White

DAT 12    Yellow Oxide

DAT 51    Permanent Alizarin Crimson

DAT 01   Burgundy

DAT 02   Naphthol Red

DAT 46   Burnt Umber

DAT 42   Carbon Black

DAT 55   Cobalt Blue Hue

DAT 45    Raw Umber



DecoArt Traditions Mediums:  Extender Medium, Varnish