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DecoArt Traditions - 8oz Glazing Medium - DATM01

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DecoArt Traditions - 8oz Glazing Medium - DATM01

8oz Glazing Medium

Glazing Medium

Glazing Medium can be used:


-      Use as a protective barrier coat between painted layers and prior to varnishing.

-      Add to paint for transparent layering effects.

-      Quick drying when multiple layered effects are desired.

-      Drying time can be slowed with Extender & Blending Medium when desired.

-      Can be mixed with paint to create various colored glazes and stains.

-      Can be used with transparent pigments to create additional luminous effects for creating depth.

-      Satin finish when dry.

-      Shake well prior to use.



Directions for use: Compatible with all other Traditions Mediums. Formulated for durability and can be thinned with water up to 50%. Dries in 15 -30 min. Cured in 48 hrs. Non-toxic, soap & water clean up. Non yellowing when dry. Use with caution on dark value backgrounds. Do not use with oil based products.


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