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DecoArt Traditions - 3oz Satin Varnish DATM04

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DecoArt Traditions - 3oz Satin Varnish  DATM04

3 oz Satin Varnish

Satin Varnish

A resin based polyurethane varnish that provides a protective finish for both indoor and out door surfaces.


Satin Varnish can be used:

-      As a final coat on finished work.

-      A newly painted surface should be given a coat of Glazing Medium prior to varnishing.

-      Shake very well prior to use.

-      Satin Finish when dry.


Directions for use: Compatible with all other Traditions Mediums. Formulated for extra hard and long term durability. Can be thinned with water or add Extender & Blending Medium for ease of application. Dries in 15 -30 min. For best adhesion apply 2 coats within 24hrs. of each other. For alcohol resistance apply 4 coats. Non-toxic, soap & water clean up. Non yellowing when dry. Do not use with oil based products.

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