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Christmas Hospitality - Poinsettia & Winter Roses Flower Painting - Acrylic Painting Pattern by Donna Richards

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Christmas Hospitality - Poinsettia & Winter Roses - Acrylic Flower  Painting Pattern:

The beautiful and decorative poinsettia and winter roses in this easy to follow lesson are painted on the inside of a shallow wooden serving bowl. The design size is approximately 10" however it can be enlarged to any size and would work well on many different surfaces, such as serving trays, card boxes, wooden plates or platters, placemats etc. This design could also be fitted onto the lid of a band box used to hold holiday decorations, or even reduced and used for very special hand painted christmas cards.

This painting lesson teaches the artist how to extend the blending time of acrylics so they perform more like an oil paint. Its a fun way to use acrylic paints and the results are beautiful on this holiday design.

DecoArt Traditions Acrylics:
Naphthol Red - PR170
Naphthol Red Light – PR9
Raw Umber - PBr7
Pine Green – Mix
Medium White - Mix
Medium Beige - Mix
Yellow Oxide – PY42
Raw Sienna – PBr7
True Gold - Mica
Titanium White – PW6
Carbon Black PBk
Teal Green - Mix
Suggested Brushes:
#4, #6, #8 #12 Filberts - Traditions Filberts are highly recommended because of the longer length of the bristles and the exceptional spring.)
#3 Round, #3 Quill (optional)
Large flat or filbert brushes for applying basecoats, extender, glazes and varnish.
Other Supplies:
Traditions Multi Surface Sealer
Traditions Dark Primer
Traditions Extender & Blending Medium
Traditions Glazing Medium
Traditions Varnish