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Downloadable Painting Pattern - Backlit Yellow-Green Pears by Sharon Hamilton, MDA

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Backlit Yellow-Green Pears- Sharon Hamilton, MDA has taken a slightly different viewpoint on painting traditional pears with a more contemporary 6” x 12” format. Design can also be enlarged to a 12” x 36” canvas for an even more stunning piece of art. The emphasis of this lesson is placed on developing an underpainting of umber to establish value and form. Glazing transparent and semi-transparent pigments over the umber layer creates depth and luminosity to the painting. Backlighting and its resulting shadows are discussed.


DecoArt Traditions Palette

Carbon Black (PBk7)
Cobalt Blue Hue (PB60)
Hansa Yellow Light (PY3)
Indian Yellow (PY139)
Phthalo Green Yellow (PG36)
Quinacridone Burnt Orange (PY206)
Raw Sienna (PBr7)
Raw Umber (PBr7)
Sap Green
Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (PY42)
Warm White 

DecoArt Traditions Mediums:

Extender & Blending (DATM02)
Glazing (DATM01)
Satin Varnish (DATM04)

DecoArt Traditions Brushes:

¾” Flat (TB37)
#12 Flat (TB35)
¾” Oval (TB36)
#12 Filbert (TB44)
#10 Filbert (TB43)
#3 Round (TB21)