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Art Roller - Create Texture for Mixed Media - Stucco #1 Design

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Discover the unlimited possibilities of creating pattern and texture with Art Rollers. Use them in your Mixed Media projects, create patterns on walls, doors, canvas, and other Home Decor projects! 

Create texture in any media.

  • Each 7" (length) x 2" (diameter) roller is made of high quality rubber. 
  • Different roller patterns are easily interchanged using the stainless steel/hardworod roller handle.
  • The design intention behind our rollers is to allow artists to customize their emblishment. 
  • Use a single roller pattern or combine with other textures and overlays to create an infinite variety of surface treatments.
  • ***Handle Must Be Purchased Seperately!
  • Easy to clean with soap and water!
  • Be sure to clean well after each use.
  • IMPORTANT! When purchasing don't forget to purchase a handle for your roller. One handle can be interchanged between roller heads.