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Acrylic Paint Product C - Transparent Pigment Colors for Glazing

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Selecting the right color pigments for the job

Do you know what to look for? 


What about Opacity and Transparency? - Many artists will require their paint to perform in both these capacities. When the artist knows what pigments are used to manufacture the color, that knowledge will provide greater success when selecting one color over the other.

It is important to recognize that some pigments are opaque and others transparent by the nature of the pigment. Knowing the effects will greatly enhance the artist’s work.


  • Opaque pigments are used for good coverage.
  • Transparent pigments are used to glaze over other colors to adjust their hue, value, intensity and temperature.
  • Transparent colors play an important role on the palette. They can also be mixed with opaque colors when needed.
  • Use transparent colors to add warm accents to leaves, clouds, skies, flower petals and so much more.


He who wishes to become a master of color must see, feel, and experience each individual color in its endless combinations with all other colors. --Johannes Itten, 1888-1967


This Color set includes 7 colors

Traditions Transparent Pigments

  1. Quinacridone Gold (PO48)
  2. Perinone Orange (PO43)
  3. Indian Yellow (PY139)
  4. Dioxazine Purple (PV23)
  5. Quinacridone Burnt Orange (PR206)
  6. Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (PY42)
  7. Permenant Alizarin Crimson


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