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Downloadable Painting Lesson - Acrylic - Blue Poppy - by artist Sharon Hamilton MDA

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bluepoppy-cover-reduced.jpgAn acrylic contemporary floral design using “old world” techniques.  Many thin layers of color are glazed over the grisaille layer that is developed first which creates depth and dimension to the painting.  Work through the design with step-by-step instructions and 15 reference photos to create your own stunning floral.

DecoArt Traditions Acrylics:

Burnt Umber (PBr7), Carbon Black (PBk7), Cerulean Blue (PB35), Cobalt Blue (PB60), Dark Grey Value 3, Hansa Yellow Light (PY3), Hansa Yellow Medium (PY73), Light Grey Value 8, Medium Grey Value 6, Naphthol AS Hue (PR112), Phthalo Blue (PB15), Quinadridone Violet (PV122), Red Violet (PV19), Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (PY42), Ultramarine Blue (PB29), Titanium White (PW6), Warm White

DecoArt Traditions Mediums:

Extender & Blending, Glazing, Satin Varnish and DecoArt Gesso

DecoArt Traditions Brushes:

#3/0 Liner (TB-11), #3 Round (TB-21), #8 Dome Blender (TB-91), ¾" Oval (TB-51), #6 Flat (TB-32), #8 Flat (TB-33), #10 Flat (TB-34), #12 Flat (TB-35), ½" Flat (TB-36), 1" Flat (TB-38), #6 Filbert (TB-41), #8 Filbert (TB42), #12 Filbert (TB-44)


12"x12" Ampersand HardBord™