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Value Finder Set with Card - Artist's Tool to train the eye to see value and color

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  • This red and green value finder set comes complete with value card.

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Artist's Value Finder Tools - Red and Green

No more guess work while you learn the concepts of Value - that is the contrasts between light & dark.

Red and green value finders are very useful tools for the artist who is learning value and learning to manage values.

  • Creating three dimensional form
  • Value contrasts within a composition
  • Seeing a range of values for creating interest in a focal area
  • Seeing values for depth within the picture plane
  • Seeing values within textures

How to use the Value Finders?

Put the transparent value finders up to your eyes to view your painting and voila! You can see if the value is correct for its position in the painting. The red and green set and laminated instructions are included in this package.

How do the Value Finders Work?

The red and green value finders will remove color and allow you to read the range of values without color distraction. The value finders allow the eye to read the gradation of values and check for correct form.

If you struggle with 'seeing' value, this tool will also help train your eye, so your paintings will look more dimensional and profssional. 


When looking through the value finders, the artist can focus on the differences and similarities between light and dark, rather than on color. This makes it easier to make adjustments and corrections for a more successful painting. In the image above, observe the gray area relative to the color areas.


 Value is more important than color in the success of a painting!



    Learn to See Values with the Red and Green Value Finders!

Product Videos

Value Scales: Painting With Acrylics - Value Finder - Great Art Tools! (02:24)
Learn how to use a value finder to 'see' values in a painting. For the artist who wants to paint realism and 3D form, seeing values is key. The red and green value finders are helpful tools to own and are available at the Art Apprentice Online - Visit our shopping cart .. these are inexpensive tools that come complete with instructions.http://www.artapprenticeonline.com
  • Value Scales: ...
    Learn how to use a value finder to 'see' values in a painting....
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Product Reviews

  1. Very helpful

    Posted by Connie on 15th Jul 2012

    This is very helpfulin finding values

  2. I sure needed this

    Posted by Judy Whittet - UK on 20th Jan 2012

    I never understood color value before I found this tool.It really does help I only wish I had it before.


    Posted by Pamela on 17th Dec 2010

    Value is something i struggled with always and forever. I saw Nadine Masters demonstrate this at a sdp convention and I got one. She said it would change the way I looked at values. She was very correct. AMAZING tool.

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