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Teacher Certification





Teach Others How to Paint

Have you ever thought about teaching art to others but didn't know where or how to get started?

Our certification program will give you the 'leg up' and jump start this exciting and fulfilling adventure. Teach in a formal classroom setting, or around the kitchen table... it makes no difference where you teach, only what you teach and how you teach.

Teaching others how to paint can be a rewarding life long career, or used as a part time hobby or a fun way to supplement your income. Either way, it is very important to have strong skill sets and a good understanding of the language of art in general.

Like any other discipline, your practical experience in the classroom comes with time and practice, but there is no replacement for a well rounded foundation in skills and knowledge.


Traditions Teacher Certification

Our teacher certification program is a non-credit program. However it ensures that you will have what it takes to build on, as you share your love of painting with others. You will have a solid grasp of artistic concepts, methods and acrylic painting techniques to pass on...


The Traditions Teacher Certification Program ensures that you will have a solid grasp of artistic concepts, methods and techniques.  We also provide you with a well laid out, progressive curriculum of class materials that cover the fundamentals of traditional acrylic painting techniques and styles.

As you work through this certification program, you will have many opportunities to receive feedback and critique from your course instructors. In our interactive courses, you will also learn how to approach many styles and methods of painting, allowing you to develop a good overall appreciation for the broader scope of painting. 



If you are interested in becoming certified, please contact Sue Pruett, our DecoArt Traditions Education Coordinator, or one of the school administrators.

mailto:suepruett@artapprenticeonline.com for further details.













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